The objective

of all teams

it´s always to win.

The objective of
all team it´s always to win.

Rafael Nuñez

Rafael Nuñez Gomez founded RN Promotions Inc. in 1990 after several years working for the advertising agency Martí Flores Prieto, currently JWT in a newly opened department direct marketing and promotions. In the department of “Direct” (as it used to be named) and that almost no agency had available for those times, it is when the conversation with clients of consumer purchasing behaviors and the measurement of return on investment begins with much more precision than with traditional media such as newspapers and radio.
IN 1998 with 16 full-time employees and more than 100 part-time promoter’s RN Promotions Inc changes its name to RN Group as it is known today.
In 2005, RN Group represented Promos Latin America with a presence in 17 countries, carrying out projects for Visa and PepsiCo in Puerto Rico.
In 2017 and after Hurricanes Irma and María, RN Group worked hand in hand with First Lady office, being the link with private industry to raise funds and allocate them to Emergency Stop and Go (recovery centers).
Rafael and RN Group have carried out important projects for local and global companies such as; Bristol Myers Squibb, Esso Standard Oil (Total SA), Loteria Electronica, Cemex, Nestle, SC Johnson, Oracle Caribbean, Mars, RICOH, Triple S, Linde Gas, Scotiabank and various government agencies in Puerto Rico, including the Comision Estatal de Elecciones and Office of the First Lady.
This year RN Group celebrates 30 years offering services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


We develop comprehensive, creative, unique, high aesthetic level marketing experiences.
We are a team that has 30 years of knowledge and experience in brands, creativity and marketing.
We are here to help your product achieve the success it needs!


Administration Manager

Bachelor’s degree in marketing and master’s in finance. Ex girls Scout. Always fashionable, jovial and likes parties that have BBQ.


Creative Director

Bachelor of Arts, Photographer, Editor and Producer. He loves to write on Twitter, is a cyclist and is seen living one day far away of the city.


Animation & 3D Director

Bachelor's degree in graphic arts and architectural courses. Creator of digital movements for movies. Today he works online from Greece.


Creative Director

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Advertising, rocker, pianist and has his own band, his major league team is the Boston Red Sox and he has a Mini Cooper.


Field Coordinator

One of the best drivers in Puerto Rico, expert installer of advertising materials, always smiling and fan of Marvel movies.


Social Media Manager

Bachelor's degree in graphic arts and advertising. A television producer, she loves community service and in addition to speaking English and Spanish, speaks Japanese.